Incorporated on June 1, 1999, with its registered office in Lameira de Cima, parish of Anobra and municipality of Condeixa-a-Nova, Carlos Nunes & Irmãos – Frio Industrial e Comercial, Lda (CNI) appears, in the form of a by Quotas, of the expressed will of three brothers to continue the project started by one of the brothers, about ten years before.

Since its establishment, CNI has focused its activities on two business areas: the installation of industrial and commercial refrigeration units and the sale of hotel equipment. As a company that cooperates strongly with the hotel sector and despite the aforementioned areas of intervention, since its inception it has also invested in preventive and/or corrective maintenance services, with the provision of technical teams 24 hours a day, distributed throughout the its 33 vehicles, equipped with the tools and materials necessary to carry out these maintenance and repairs, thus enabling them to immediately resolve the vast majority of reported malfunctions.

Motivated by its growth, the company invested, in 2007, in the construction of new facilities, located in Vales de Cima, parish of Ameal, municipality of Coimbra. In a space with an area of ​​6,706 m2 and a building with 1,483 m2, CNI centralized all its administrative and operational services, thus providing better working and storage conditions to meet the daily needs of its partners.

Likewise, and based on the premise that its workers represent one of the most important pillars of the organization, the company has 73 workers distributed across the financial, technical, works, technical assistance, logistics and commercial departments.

CNI's identity established over its almost 20 years of activity is the result of the effort and dedication of each team member and the experience of its Mission, Vision and Values ​​that guarantee the success of the company and its glorious future. .

Quality and competitiveness, combined with commitment and responsiveness are, without a doubt, the main expansion factors for the company.

The rigor and demand in all stages of service provision, with exemplary procedures that characterize its performance, improving the efficiency and competitiveness of customers.

To be recognized as a company with high quality standards, with a close connection to the customer and competitive in its market segment.

- Partners

Profitability and sustainable growth

Sense of social responsibility

culture of excellence

- Customers

Identification and satisfaction of your needs

partnership relationship

service excellence

- Providers

Partnership development

Privilege of demanding, balanced and lasting relationships

People and Organization

Development of competent, motivated and committed people

Respect for individuality and fostering team spirit

Ensuring good health, hygiene and safety practices at work

- Society

Support for the communities in which it operates

Defense of legality and business ethics



CNI's Management has focused on qualified workers in the most diverse areas in which it operates, investing in the training of its employees and the certification of its technicians, such as the accreditation provided for in Decree-Law no. 145/2017, of 30 November, which regulates recovery operations for recycling, recovery and destruction of substances that deplete the ozone layer contained in refrigeration and air conditioning equipment, pumps heating systems, fire protection systems and extinguishers and equipment containing solvents, as well as the maintenance and assistance operations of these same equipment, as well as the minimum qualification requirements of the personnel involved in the aforementioned operations; and the accreditation provided for in law no. 58/2013, of 20 August, which approves the requirements for accessing and exercising the activity of qualified experts for energy certification and installation and maintenance technicians for buildings and systems.

The aforementioned accreditation of CNI technicians allows the company to be certified by Certif – Association for certification, with valid certificate no. SAC-234/2014.


As a result of the increased focus on the development of turnkey solutions in the hotel sector, CNI registered with the Instituto dos Mercados Públicos do Imobiliário e da Construção, IP, having obtained a Public Works Contractor Permit, with the number 61385-PUB. This title entitles the company to provide civil construction services and related specialized work to public or private entities, up to a limit of 2,656,000 euros, which corresponds to Qualification Class no. 5


Also in terms of the results obtained in economic and financial terms, CNI has been, for successive years, distinguished by IAPMEI - Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation, IP, with the status of SME Leader, having even achieved the status of PME Excellence in year 2016.

contactos gerais

  • +351 239 942 637
  • +351 239 981 280
  • +351 239 948 807

departamento comercial

  • Sr. Carlos Nunes - 910 000 000
  • Sr. Nestor Dias - 910 000 000
  • Sr. Tiago Figueira - 910 000 000

departamento técnico

  • +351 239 981 283